We arrange 2 trips each term for ( prim . and prep ) .
* For K.G we arrange 5 trips during the year .

Annual show

Here are some photos of our last annual show which is an opportunity for talented and gifted students to present and develop their talents.

Sport Day

It will be at the end of the school's tournament and it will contain a lot of funny and sports activities .

Mother's Day

It is held to thank our mothers for their efforts and the students sing some songs .

Orphan Day

It is held on the first Friday of April .

Orientation Day

It is a day when the students wear all the orientations clothes .

School Broadcast

It is very useful for the students so we help them to share .

Bariam Day

It is held before the Bariam to teach the students the important religious significance. It is a day of forgiveness and moral victory as well as of brotherhood and unity.

Honour Day

It is held at the end of the year to celebrate the success of the excellent students.

Summer School

- The school is opened three days per week for two months.
- Buses are available for all areas to and from school .
- Free trips and activities .
- Students practice different kinds of sports :
Karate, bikes, Football, Gym and Swimming.
Also they practice painting and craft .
- Moreover, there are intensive courses in
1) Oral English            2) Computer skill.               3) Quraan .

Class photos